Photography Service

As an experienced and versatile photography creative agency, We have years of experiences working with leading fashion brands to deliver high-end content.


CB STUDIO is full service creative photoshoot and film production company specialising in fashion and beauty campaign shoots.


Our goal is to help you find the balance between creating high-quality, visually appealing e-commerce photo and video content and not only making your products great, but also making your website shine.

We are fully equipped studio so all you need to do is bring the clothes and we do the rest!

our service 


CB Studio's in-house photography team truly understands how to take your fashion image to the next level, as well as always deliver creative, engaging accomplished. 

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E-commerce Fashion

Commercial photography requires speed and efficiency. We delivers high end quantity without compromising quality.

Moving image

Our passion is to get creative with video to create images that add real value to your brand.